The Game Plan

The Game Plan
After six months of slowly revealing GroundWOW to our intended audience, it is even clearer that the market for a cost-efficient, super-convenient and high technology solution for ground printing is significant. In and among all of the excitement, sometimes the “challenge” with disruptive tech is to remain focused on your target market due to the sheer range of possibilities for its application. At GroundWOW, our initial, absolute commitment lies in sport. Ultimately, global brands want to be seen on a global stage and the desire of brands to associate with sport (and the investment that comes with that) appears to be unrelenting.
In our showroom at Global Headquarters, we created an enormous design for the wall with the aim to convey the sheer theatre of sport at the same time as demonstrating the potential of the canvas we get to work on. The image here is compressed but you can imagine that one look at that wall is enough to imagine the opportunity for any sport, club, venue owner-operator, organisation or governing body to truly maximise some of the world’s most incredible real estate.
Specifically, if you are reading and wondering where our technology might be seen as we enter the new decade, we are talking to lots of major sports at home and abroad and will be seen in the first of them early in the New Year. Whether you like cricket, rugby, golf, motor sport, football, horse racing, American Football (and many others), there is a real chance you will see GroundWOW at the game in the near future.
As for any business, the key is to always be open-minded and while we are focused on an initial market place for now, turning dormant real-estate into valuable revenue is a message that isn’t confined to just sport. Stay tuned to the website or follow us on social media to see how the game plan plays out. We head into our Christmas break with a head full of possibilities and look forward to bringing them to life and sharing them with you early next year.

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