Beautifully simple

Beautifully simple
When disruptive technology comes along, people are sometimes fearful of the change it might bring to their established routines. It might require new learning or it might be complicated to understand and it might just be easier to carry on doing things the “old” way. That is precisely why at GroundWOW we start with the end-user experience in mind.
In fact, we pride ourselves on how simple we make your interaction with our technology and GroundWOW SFX is no different. A lot of our early marketplace momentum is the result of a really simple (but supremely powerful) proposition.
Anybody remotely associated with conventional methods of ground printing will know the long drawn out processes and sheer hard work that go into creating imagery on grass. It was this that informed our company’s founding mission – namely to make printing on ground as easy as printing on paper.
So for users of GroundWOW technology, they could attest to:
  • the simplicity of set-up (out of the box and printing in under ten minutes)
  • the “point and shoot” simplicity of the user-interface
  • the absolute precision of paint application and attendant ease of image removal
Five years of R&D time have gone into creating GroundWOW Special FX and making operation of the unit extremely intuitive. So, while the technology on board is formidable, the proposition is really simple. Make money. Save money. Engage.

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