Patriot Games at Stockport County FC

Patriot Games at Stockport County FC
GroundWOW® autonomous ground printing robots have become a regular player at Stockport County FC with our ongoing partnership based at the club’s iconic address, Edgeley Park.
The club have been taking advantage of the creative opportunities unlocked by the World first technology, from activating their pitch-side run-off area to patriotic on-pitch prints for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.
Our most recent activations saw giant Freddie Mercury silhouettes printed beside the stage at a Queen tribute concert and a high-resolution side profile of the Queen in honour of the Platinum Jubilee. The prints were all created in a tight operational window together with the live concert installation, the stage builders did their thing whilst GroundWOW® robots printed alongside. The silhouettes were paired with matching word marks, ‘Queen’ for the Freddie’s and ‘God Save The Queen’ printed in red, white and blue across the pitch next to the side profile of the Queen.
The activations at Edgeley Park were an opportunity to showcase the SFX Max, our new iteration designed specifically for touchline activations. The Max delivers prints in full colour, up to 3m wide and at an unlimited length – easily coping with the scale of brand presence increasingly seen on football pitch run-off areas. 
Printing on only the top section of the blades of grass, the Stockport prints were removed just as easily as they were put down. Whether it’s artificial or real turf, GroundWOW® prints are non-permanent and can be removed by jet washing off or allowing the turf to grow and then mowing over it. GroundWOW® aims to be the world’s most environmentally conscious and low-cost-efficient electric ground marking vehicle. The paint is turf, animal and human safe, and the choices of materials and power source were all made with a carbon conscious outcome very much in mind.
The technology has been designed to be accessible for all leagues from grassroots to professional, and the different subscription packages echo this. A GroundWOW® subscription is a single, monthly, affordable fee which includes the ground printing robot and unlimited access to GroundWOW’s own SaaS (Software as a Service) cloud.

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