GroundWOW® Hit Six at Emirates Old Trafford

GroundWOW® Hit Six at Emirates Old Trafford

There was a weekend of breaking boundaries at Emirates Old Trafford Cricket Ground as GroundWOW®, creators of the world’s first autonomous ground printer, made their mark on the iconic pitch. The North-West innovators demonstrated their technology to create a grand scale logo for Emirates Old Trafford partners, University Academy 92 (UA92).

The intricately designed artwork measured 5m wide by 9.5m long and was positioned directly in front of the Pavilion stand, in full view of the fans and cameras. The very fine detail of such a carefully designed logo helped to exemplify the cutting-edge capability of the robot, in this instance operating in 10mm pixels to create an incredible work in super high resolution.

Onlookers remarked on the incredible detail, the precision, and the absolute uniqueness of a technology able to accomplish such detail. Each swirl, line, and dot in the UA92 logo was included to create a pixel perfect replica for the Lancashire v Derbyshire encounter. While players on the field scored boundaries, North-West based tech innovators GroundWOW® continue to push technology boundaries as they continue their roll-out across sport. 


For this project, GroundWOW® deployed a 3m wide boom head designed for install speed on grand scale activations in tight operational windows. The electric vehicle also deploys up to 95% less paint than the traditional methods, making it a more environmentally friendly option – no doubt a major driver of the technology firm’s increasing profile. GroundWOW® paint is turf, animal and human safe and when it comes to the removal of the image, the on-board AI that manages the paint deposition serves to make washing off or growing out easier than it has ever been.   

With a raft of subscriptions available tied to a range of product options suited to specific use cases, the technology is truly accessible to clubs and entities in all leagues, from grassroots to professional, at all levels of any given sector. This gives every club and venue the chance to create a new revenue stream from their existing land and take sponsorship opportunities to a new level.

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